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Product Information

You’re in luck! All Hansells products are gluten free.

Good news! The majority of Hansells Products are in fact vegan with the exception of Hansells Natural Orange Essence, Hansells Natural Raspberry Essence and Hansells Strawb’ry n Cream Flavour for Icing.

Our Products section lists the ingredients and allergen status (e.g. Gluten Free) of each Hansells product.

Each Hansells product has its ingredients listed on the packaging. Ingredients information is also listed in the Products section of this website.


Our products are sold New Zealand and are available in select PAK’nSAVE, New World and Countdown stores. Unfortunately we do not have a great deal of influence over which stores stock our products. Our team work hard to get and keep our products on shelf but ultimately it is the retailer that decides which products they want in their stores. You could try asking the store manager at your local supermarket to add this product to their range, or fill in a customer feedback form.

Shelf Life & Storage

Store all Hansells Vanilla products, including Vanilla Bean Paste and Vanilla Bean Pods in cool, dry conditions away from heat and sunlight, such as the pantry. To help keep to its full shelf life, ensure the lid of your Vanilla Bean Paste is clean and screwed on properly when stored, and use a clean spoon to measure out the paste each time. There’s no need to store Hansells Vanilla products in the freezer or refrigerator.

Hansells Colours and Essences are best stored in cool, dry conditions away from sunlight such as the pantry, even after opening.

Product Issues

The batch number is a 6 digit number usually located on the back or base of our bottles and packets, often contained in a small white box.

Please select “Still can’t find what you’re looking for?” below, and send us a message via the contact form. If you would like to speak to someone immediately, please contact us via 0800-638537. Please have your batch number and best before date ready.

Hansells Vanilla

Hansells Vanilla extracts are made by combining vanilla beans with a mixture of alcohol (ethanol) and water. This allows the flavour compounds from the vanilla bean to infuse into the alcohol/water mixture, which then forms the pure vanilla extract. While vanilla beans can be extracted without alcohol, it is very slow, ineffective and results in a lower quality vanilla extract. At Hansells we want to produce the very best vanilla for your baking, which is why the majority of our extracts and essences are made through the alcohol extraction method.

The high temperatures achieved during baking will cause most of the alcohol found in our Vanilla Essence to evaporate out of your cake with the flavor remaining intact, as the alcohol is simply a carrier for the flavor.

Hansells Vanilla Beans are the only alcohol free vanilla in our range. Hansells Vanilla Flavoured Essence is another option for your baking, but it is not a true vanilla extract, containing vanilla flavour and still containing trace amounts of alcohol.

In 2021, Australian based brand Queen Fine Foods took over a few of the Hansells SKU’s. The Madagascan Vanilla Bean Extract, and Natural Vanilla Bean Extract with Seeds are the same as the Hansells formulation, simply renamed to be part of the Queen family!

We have reduced our range of Hansells vanilla products in supermarkets. You can still find same Hansells recipe you know and love, under the name of our sister brandQueen.

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